WEll, Hello.
Architecture, to me, is more than the mere process of designing buildings for corporates, but rather the sophisticated process of investigating communities, building architecture that talks to them, inspires them, grows them, and promotes sustainable peace amongst these communities. In other words, my message is about tailoring architecture for the receiving communities, to maximize their benefit from architecture on the tangible and intangible dimensions.
A Community Architect
My goal, therefore, is serving as a community architect that specializes in investigating and benefiting communities, giving back to the society in a way that betters their daily life. The humane message of architecture is what I strive to deliver. In other words, I work for the other 90%
I currently undergo a PhD Project Entitled: The (re)Inscription of Memory: Valuing Informal Practices, Spatial Memory and Local Narratives Within the Physical Recovery of Mosul’s Old Town.  as a full time job. This Project Is a translation of my personal interest in benefiting societies, and investigating novel means to break free form the theoretical academic norms, to utilize that knowledge through giving voice to the voiceless, empowering societies through revitalizing their intangible cultures, and build capacity through a bottom-up approach in rebuilding post-war cities.

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