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Distinction Awards - WHIPIC Video COmpetition.
The Preparatory Office for WHIPIC, International Centre for the Interpretation and Presentation of World Heritage Sites under the auspices of UNESCO announced the winners for their video competition - I won the distinction award!

Published on 15/05/2021
Featured Projects
Area 87

Area 87 is a virtual investigation of the principle of ‘zero space’. A zero space is defined as the transitional space between the outside -negative- and the inside -positive- (Glanville, 2014), this definition transforms to become temporal in Area 87, as it utilizes the metaphor of negative and positive spaces to walk the user through a timeline of Al-Najafi Street- Mosul -negative space- , to then reach a space of lucidity -zero space-, in which every movement changes the future - positive space-.  Thus, the project is an interactive VR experience to inform the users on the destruction taking place in Iraq.
Project X

Project X is a translation of an artistic response of the human nature to the cold climate, it comes as a natural continuation of the human need for personalization and a shelter. Project X is a Cybernetic facade that responds to the cold environments through communicating with the user's need for protection, and this is achieved through two levels of automation, the first is an artistic movement of "ruffling feathers", as the facade automatically pushes the snow away when it accumulates. The second is an automated trigger of advanced heaters and temperature sensors. Accordingly, the project is a contrast between the natural response - ruffling feathers- and the artificial - heaters and sensors-.

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